Ruawai – Travellers Lodge


$23.00 per night – single/private room
BBH Member – Yes
December 3 – 5, 2015 (2 nights)
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When I arrive I met the door was open and no one was here. A signed read, “Choose a room, come across the street to gas bar and meet owners”. However, I had the number and called. The owner answered and came right over.

A very nice lady arrived in a minute and told me showed me a room and the basic layout. When I asked her where and when do I pay? She replied. “Anytime, it doesn’t matter”. She also let me know, if I wanted to pay by credit card, I could do so at the gas bar. This was nice, as I wanted to save my cash for emergencies.

The entire hostel was empty and from the guest list, isn’t that active, maybe 5-7 visitors per week. I liked this because I wanted a break from the city and people. I noticed the majority of travelers here are from France or Germany. Why so little Canadians?

The hostel itself is clean, very quit, other than the dog barking across the road. The owners are super nice and helpful. There are two toilets, two sinks, 1 tub, and 1 shower. Not all together.

There is a large gathering room, with several chairs and sofas, a kitchen and dining room with a table for 6. (Fridge, Stove, etc). All you need if you want to cook.

Outside there is a picnic table and a few chairs. I preferred to sit in the family room with the French doors open.

The rooms are smaller, but comfy, and mine had a desk. Perfect for myself!

Quit, clean, friendly, cheap, relaxing.

No internet, hard to get to without car, No TV, and not a lot to see, very basic town with limited scenery.

7 / 10 (Would be a 6, but price bumps it up)

Final thoughts:
If you want a cheap place to stay for a night, this is it.
If you want a place to catch up on sleep, or to relax and read a book, this is it.

To find out more on how I got here, check out my other blog posting.
Traveling from Auckland to Ruawai

Common Room
Common Room
Common Room
Common Room


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