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$40.00 per night – single/private room
BBH – Yes
Wifi – Yes ($5.00 for 200MB)
Visa/Credit Machine – Yes
December 6, 2015 (1 night)
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When I arrive there is no one at the office window, but there is a buzzer, “Ring Me!”  It only takes a couple of seconds for the girl to arrive and great me.  I pay upfront, but she tells me there is no rush.

She then introduces me to everyone and shows me to my cabin.  I am very pleased.  It is private, and very clean.  Two single beds in the one I am renting.

The hostel itself is very clean, rather organized.  The common room has a lot of comfy chairs and two larger dining tables.  The showers and washrooms are separated between girls and guys, but the showers are not fully private.  You have to get undressed before entering the shower.  So if you are shy around other dudes, this might not be the most fun.  However, I found it easy to go early in the morning, when most are sleeping.

The only thing I did not like about this hostel was the showers.  The floors are rubber mats and I am unsure how clean they really are.  The rest of the hostel is great and I can’t see anyone not liking it here.

Dargaville is a cute little town with everything you would need.

Quit, clean, friendly, relaxing, good WiFi (only in common room)

Internet is expensive, shower floors are not my type, buses only run on weekdays.

7 / 10

Final thoughts:
I think this is a hostel worth checking out.  Not sure if I would stay more than a night though.

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