Paihia – Cap’n Bob’s Beach House


$55.00 per night – single/private room
BBH – Yes
Wifi – Yes
Visa/Credit Machine – Yes
December 15, 2015 (1 nights)
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When I arrived there was no one at the front desk, but there was instructions on how to use the intercom to call them. When I called I didn’t understand what the girl had said, however, 1 minute later she was there.

I didn’t get her name, but she was very friendly and first had me drop off my bags, and then I checked in. Paid and also got instructions on what is in the area. Very nice introduction for someone who has never been to Paihia before.

The room is clean, and small, with a single bed. A rack for hanging clothes, but that is it. For the price I was hoping for a little more.

On the main floor, there is a shared bathroom for guys and girls, with private shower stalls. Very clean and organized! Somewhat of a modern look. There is also a terrace with some chairs.

Upstairs is another small bathroom and a common room, with kitchen. Very clean, and modern looking. There is also a patio with lots of seating. This makes up for the small bedroom.

I never used this room and I was only here one night and was leaving early as well. I can see it being a nice place to mingle and or relax.

The hostel is about 6 minute walk to all the stores and bus stops. A nice beach right across the road as well.

Clean, modern, wifi, good location.

Price, and I prefer separate washrooms, for men and women, but that is my preference.

8 / 10

Final thoughts:
Modern looking, and clean.
Front desk girl is very friendly and location is worth staying at. It was a better price than the other options in town.

To find out more on how I got here, check out my other posting.
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