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Kaitaia Mainstreet Lodge BBH Hostel Reviews

$26.00 per night – single/private room
BBH – Yes
Wifi – Yes (500 MB free)
Visa/Credit Machine – Yes
December 19 – 26, 2015 (7 nights)
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After enjoying my first stay and the amazing price for a single room, I decided to book a week for over Christmas and do another Hostel Review of Mainstreet Lodge.  This ended up being a very good decision.

My stay during the week was pretty awesome, I met so many new people and we all had Christmas dinner together.  Below is a picture of the table setup by 2 very cute German girls.  The food  was cooked by Mario, another young German guy who was also staying at the Hostel, and the day was organized by a new friend of mine, Alex.  Yes, also German.

Christmas here was so much fun, the food was amazing.  I can’t say enough about how well I was treated by the travelers and hostel management.  Stay here if you can.




Anyway, onto my review!

10/10 – By far the cheapest I have paid.

6/10 – 50KB/S is the fastest I saw and often could not get on when it was busy. I also always knock off a point when someone uses Zenbu.net.

9.5/10 – Always feel comfortable here, even if you are shy.

8.5/10 – Very clean, and always hot water.  Changing area is bit small but works, and drains are always partially plugged, but this is more the travelers fault, and not the hostels.  Everyone goes to the beach and then rinses the sand off in the shower.  I do know the owners are trying to find a way to resolve this.

9/10 – Very clean and even though there is only 3 stalls, there was always one open.  My only suggestion would be to use a broom once a week to wipe down the walls/ceiling of spiders.

10/10 – Lots of room, very clean, excellent natural lighting from the large bay windows, beds are very comfortable, I slept like a rock.
For me, a desk would have been nice, but then who travels to work on a computer all day, but me?

9/10 – The kitchen has lots of cooking and seating area.  Tones of fridges and space for your stuff.  The only reason it is not a 10 for me is because of the flies, but again this is the travelers fault. Mainstreet Lodge cleans the kitchen every day, but some travelers obviously just started traveling the day after they stopped sucking their moms nipples for milk.  I saw people leave their own purchased food out open with a massive mess of crumbs and then later complain about the flies.  People/Travelers, don’t be lazy, clean up after yourselves!

My suggestion here for the hostel is to implement a $5.00 fine for anyone leaving a mess in the kitchen.  When I was there, it was obvious who it was, as the garbage left on the table had their name tagged on it.

6/10 – I think this is the only complaint I heard my entire week about the Mainstreet Lodge from other travelers.  The WiFi could be really good and really bad.  During the day I rarely could get more than 5 minutes before it stopped working, however, early in the morning or late at night, it was OK.

Hostel Reviews Overall Rating:
9 / 10

Final thoughts:
I love the people and Mainstreet Lodge Hostel.  Still one of my favorite places to stay and I would highly recommend it.

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I hope you enjoy my honest and open Hostel Reviews.

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