Auckland Newton Lodge Hostel Review

Auckland Newton Lodge Hostel Review


$49.00 per night – single/private room ($20.00 Key Deposit)
BBH – No
Wifi – Yes (Unlimited)
Visa/Credit Machine – Yes
December 28 – 28, 2015 (2 nights)
27 Cross Street, Newton, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand

My first impression of the Newton Lodge was not a good one, as the street they are located on appears to be in a dirty area.  Also, the street right above them is stripper lane.  I counted over 5 adult clubs within 3 minutes walk.


However, inside the hostel is a different story.  It is clean, nice showers and toilets, but the rooms are a little small.  The beds are very basic, and not much better than sleeping on the ground.  The room did have a desk, which I liked.

The common room/kitchen I found a little small, but lots of seating and the TV is always on, if you want to sit back and relax.

One odd thing that happened, was at 11 pm at night, the fire alarm went off in the building and we were all evacuated.  No firetrucks arrived, but an older lady with keys did.  She came in and turned the alarms off.  The building is so old, I am sure this is bad wiring.

7/10 – Cheapest in Auckland, but you get what you pay for.  They also require a $20 key deposit, which I did not know about.

9/10 – The speed was almost always above 50 KBS and reached 100 KBS often.  It was also unlimited and I had a decent connection from my room.  They also offered two PCs for people who needed them.

8/10 – The common room/kitchen always had people and I felt comfortable walking in and saying hi.

9/10 – Several private stalls, with large showers.  Clean and nice to use.  I think so far, these were the nicest showers.

9/10 – Very clean and plenty of toilets.

6/10 – Small, but clean.  Beds are OK, not all that comfy.  Very loud at night, as people talked until 2 am and you could hear everything.

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6/10 – Small and was always messy.  Lots of seating.

Hostel Reviews Overall Rating:
6.5 / 10

Final thoughts:
My first impression of Newton Lodge was bad, but a day later changed a bit.  It is close to downtown, about 15 minute walk up a crazy big hill.  Would I stay here again, maybe yes because of the price in Auckland and internet.

I hope you enjoy my honest and open Hostel Review of Auckland’s Newton Lodge.

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